Thursday, February 21, 2008

Traveling Cats

Is this the feline version of Spring Break? If so, they're starting a little early, but they're traveling, for sure ... Meatloaf, who took a 3-week cross-country ride locked in a storage container, is headed home to Florida. The 2-year-old gray cat apparently crawled into the large locker in Pompano Beach, Fla. The container spent time in a Florida warehouse and on a semitrailer before being delivered to a company's Phoenix facility. A worker heard a cat meowing inside the container late Tuesday and found him hungry and thirsty but unharmed. Miko ran away from his burning home in Albuquerque, N.M., in December, and turned up in February, some 240 miles away in Pueblo, Colo. It is believed that Miko hid in a truck, which then drove up Interstate 25 from Albuquerque to Pueblo. Miko's collar was missing when she was picked up by animal shelter staff, but her microchip identification put officials in touch with her owners. Sam, an eight-year-old cat, got scared when his owner was taking him to the vet. He squeezed out of his cage and jumped out the car window. Because of his microchip, Sam and his owner were reunited - three years later. Clinton is another traveling cat reunited with his owners because of a microchip. Rescued by an animal shelter in Rhode Island, housed temporarily in a foster home and pending adoption, the cat was scanned and his microchip was identified. It turned out that Clinton was actually Gizmo, who had been missing from his Pennsylvania home since last spring. Hey, nice vacation, Gizmo!

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gambit32 said...

I've chipped all my cats, because of things like this. Collars can be lost. m'chips cant.

Thanks for the post