Friday, February 8, 2008

It's all bull

* When someone stole Bully, the 12-foot-tall landmark bull, that inspired Bill Hollingsworth’s “No Bull” campaign slogan, the would-be Hamilton County sheriff stood up and took action. Hollingsworth spent the following afternoon with a hired pilot, flying over the fields of Hamilton County, trying to spot the stolen steer. He also alerted the local radio station and TV stations, and spread the word through the small town. A $500 reward is offered for information leading to Bully’s return … and that’s no bull. * A bull in Bangladesh tried to skip a dinner at which he would be the main course by escaping from a butcher shop. The bull demolished a series of vegetable and fruit shops then started attacking people. Police, butchers and spectators joined in a hot chase and captured the berserk animal as it became exhausted rushing up and down the market. The bull did not have many moments to live after its capture because it soon went under the knife to supply meat for a feast. * A bull in Serbia will have to serve a two-year prison term along with his owner because there’s no-one to look after the animal while his owner does his time for attempted murder. Micko the bull will be kept in the jail’s backyard while his owner serves his sentence. The city has agreed to pay the bull’s food and all other expenses until his owner is released.

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