Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seeing is believing in case of orange raccoon

Nobody believed Kevin Blackford when he said an orange raccoon had been eating his cat's food. When Blackford told Craig Reel and the guys over at Reel & Sons Feed Store in Worthington, they all shook their heads at his tall tale. But Blackford insisted he had seen an orange raccoon. He even said it had orange eyes. "Nobody believed me," said Blackford. Reel, who has a frequent problem with raccoons trying to get into his building to eat grain, decided to set one of his traps on Blackford's porch. "We got him right away, with just a little dab of strawberry preserves. Raccoons love strawberry preserves," said Reel. The next morning, the orange raccoon, in the trapping cage, was taken to Reel & Sons Feed Store where all of the disbelievers could see the unusual animal. Source: Green County Daily World (via)

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