Thursday, February 28, 2008

I disagree

Robert at Environmental Graffiti is way off base! He has selected five totally cute, harmless and totally lovable baby animals and has accused them of being ugly. Ugly? Shar-Pei Puppies? Look at those floppy little folded ears. Look at that smooshed little nose, those stubby little paws, those squinty, sad little eyes. Look at those soft, puffy wrinkles. Who in their right mind would call this ugly? Even Robert wouldn't sink this low. Ugly? A baby sloth? So what's not to love with this little guy? Smooth, blond hair - sweet little eyes, fuzzy little curled feet. A cute button nose. Totally adorable! Ugly? Baby Pandas? This I don't even have to defend, do I? Everybody in the universe knows that pandas are the most irresistibly adorable creatures ever created. What a travesty to even think "panda" and "ugly" on the same day. Ugly? Naked Mole Rats? Oh, naked mole rats, these poor little things. Always maligned, always made fun of, always pointed to as a perfect example of ugliness. Don't they look scrumptious? A little tomato sauce, and lunch is served. Ugly? Robin chicks? Robert says baby robins are gross and disgusting. That's because Robert has never observed a robin's nest and taken a photo each day and waited eagerly for those beautiful little blue eggs to hatch. I have. Ugly? Baby hedgehogs? I love the translucent teensy nails. The pink wrinkly skin looks so soft and silky but then juxtapose those dangerous looking quills. Here's the thing: baby hedgehogs are dangerously cute! Photo 1: Lauren's Shar-pei Photo 2: Carlen Altman Photo 3: the Cute Project Photo 4: verabee Photo 5: The robin's nest Photo 6: Dark Roasted Blend

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