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Cat hats, volume 2

Cat hats - Volume 2

PART ONE is here

Almost .... Need a little more practice!

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Merry Christmas!

However you celebrate it - we wish you a day full of peace and love!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Who's shooting who?

Here's one cub reporter who could bearly contain herself as she watched a wildlife photographer at work. As Dean Swartz took pictures of a black bear family in Minnesota, America, he noticed one juvenile bear watching him very closely. After about 45 minutes the bear decided to have a go as well and ambled over to the tripod. Backing off, Dean used another camera on his shoulder to carry on taking pictures as the animal investigated his expensive equipment. 

Picture: Dean Swartz / National News and Pictures


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The comfort of a furry body

A team of golden retrievers made an 800-mile journey from the Chicago area to Newtown, Conn., over the weekend to comfort those affected by the recent school massacre.

Lutheran Church Charities, K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs, deployed about 10 of the canines Saturday evening for residents who want to pet them while they talk or pray with the dog's handler, said Tim Hetzner, president of the Addison-based organization.

“Dogs are non-judgmental. They are loving. They are accepting of anyone,” Hetzner said. “It creates the atmosphere for people to share.”

When the charities' dogs are not responding to a national tragedy, they will often visit people in hospitals, nursing homes and parks. Each dog carries a business card with its name, Facebook page, twitter account and email so those that meet the canine can keep in touch.

Read more - Chicago Tribune

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Christmas pets

Are you ready for Christmas?

Here are some pets who are in the Holiday spirit ...

 Photo by dpd photo

Photo Credit: Loren Borriello

Photo Credit: Gina Sicari

  Photo Credit: Kerri Burke

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Playing with food

Take a pickle

and ....

Instructions are at More Style than Cash

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Save those wine corks

Do you drink a lot of wine?

Hate to waste those cute wine corks?

There are some clever ideas at The Homeless Finch on what you can do with the corks, including this one:

Guess what this is

Can you guess what this cute little prickly creature might be?

They're found in Madagascar.

Here's another cute one:

Here's one, stuck to a boot:

Give up?

These cute little critters are called Streaked Tenrecs

Photo 1: Source

Photo 2: Source

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