Sunday, November 30, 2008

For the woman who has everything

Yup, they're squirrel feet earrings. Give these to someone & you'll never see them again. (via Scribal Terror)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Speaking of Christmas

This really is the best way to shop! Relax, in your pajamas, with a cup of tea or coffee. No driving around looking for a parking space, no fighting crowds, no searching through disorganized shelves and racks, no long check-out lines. You'll be done in plenty of time to have a turkey sandwich from yesterday's leftovers. has a wonderful selection of Christmas gifts for dogs and cats. Christmas stockings for dogs and cats, rawhide treats in holiday shapes, holiday buckets and holiday baskets filled with treats, holiday theme toys. At, find perfect gifts for everyone on your list with pets: friends, neighbors, teachers, and family members. Find a perfect "thank you" gift for your clients if you're in a pet related business: dog walkers, pet groomers, dog breeders. Christmas gifts - no crowds, no lines, great merchandise, great prices and a flat $6.00 shipping charge on all orders to the continental US, regardless of weight or size! If you'd like to send a holiday gift to your favorite local animal welfare agency or pet rescue group, will deliver your package for free.

Today's awwww

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let's eat!

Got the turkey? Let's eat!
"Olive And Penny Tackle A Turkey" by Kim The Star Princess "Ryker Eating a Turkey" by astrid66us "sophie eats the turkey's heart" by theogeo "OMG! she's eating the turkey?!" by Laura "Turkey Neck gore 2" by Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley "Judah dragging away her dinner" by This Year's Love "Patsy eating turkey carcass" by tenelson "chevy eating turkey nov 24th '06 RIP" by jkjb98 "how do i eat this thing?" by romeo'smom "Voyage of the Meatflower" by joshbousel "Mysti eating the turkey leg that Lance stole" by LindsayRitter "Turkey Time!" by Ben+Sam "tiki eating turkey" by Gabe_Katz
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
"Dad advises" by Julie Corsi

Give Thanks

Let's take a little break today, enjoying our families and friends and food. Let's also be thankful for the internet which brings us such wonderful things as

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Upside down

What could be cuter than a puppy? An upside down puppy! There are many more at upside down dogs Here's one from my collection: "max and layla 092907-1" by Julie Corsi



(via The Poodle (and Dog) Blog)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A meeting in the woods

Photography by Tanja Askani

Our tribute to the ugly Christmas sweater

This is Gabby, in a woolen ski sweater, with a band of stranded Norwegian Stars, at Flickr by abrelosojos. This is Ginger, in another traditional Norwegian pattern, at Flickr, by bunnyprincebilly. This is Lincoln, found at Side Salad, in dismay over having to wear the Christmas Sweater of Shame. This is Sammy modeling his Christmas sweater, at Flickr, by mbtrama. Found at Seagull's Nest, this is Sahara in her Christmas outfit. This is the "Sequin Studded Holiday Argyle Dog Christmas Sweater," available at Wiggle-n-Waggle. And what says "Christmas" better than argyle and sequins? This is Duncan, found at Parade, dressed up for his first Christmas, obviously wearing "Sequin Studded Holiday Argyle Dog Christmas Sweater." Kimchi, found at Pet Minder, must have received this fine new sweater for Christmas. This is Jeffrey in his Christmas sweater, at Flickr by gopal1035. This is the "Christmas Sweater With Twinkling Star" available at Pet Bliss. Hey look, here's the "Christmas Sweater With Twinkling Star" modeled by Roy, at Flickr by Casey T. This is KC the Christmas pup, in her sweater, at Flickr by chokeonthatcausality. Doesn't this pooch look thrilled? You can give your dog this same excellent outfit for Christmas, from DianaDesignsNY. This is Miss Burundi, who was kind enough to model the sweater Katie knitted for her. Jen thinks guinea pigs should have sweaters, too. So she knitted one for Nicholas. This is Hilde in her Christmas sweater, at Flickr by randyhi. This is the "Pointsettia Holiday Dog Sweater" available at Calling All Dogs. This is Tono in his Christmas sweater, at Flickr by Memnot.

This "Reindeer Sweater" available at Haute Dog Boutique, is a mix of knits, embroidery and appliques on the back show four of our favorite reindeer: Comet, Dancer, Vixen and Rudolph. The entire collection of reindeer is surrounded by hand-applied iridescent beads; these same beads are echoed in each of the four "windows" when used to make a pair of snowflakes. (via pampered puppy)
This kitty, found on the internet, doesn't seem too thrilled with the Christmas themed attire. This is Perl, practicing his Christmas card pose. Found at Flickr, used with permission from chunks. Chunks must really be into dressing the dogs. Here, he's done it again. And why not? They're cute and they look like they're having fun. Ok, ok, Chunks, enough already. This is the "Sequin Ornaments Dog Sweater" available at Calling All Dogs. This is Otis, found at Parade, dressed up in his holiday attire complete with a Christmas sweater and antlers, . This is Kato in a sweater, at Flickr, by Average Jane. This is Ethel in her Christmas sweater, at Flickr by andrew d miller. This is the "Blingle All the Way Dog Holiday Sweater" available at Bulldog Costumes and Clothes. This is Sophie, found at Parade, in her new winter sweater and matching hat. This poor doggy, found on the internet, is modeling the hooded Rudolph Christmas sweater. This is the "Skiing Snowman Dog Sweater," available at Calling All Dogs. No excuses! BTW Petfinder knows that the only thing better than a not-so-fashionable holiday sweater is an ugly pet sweater. Whether it belongs to you or your pet, send your sweater photo and you may end up on a e-card!