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Tiger Claw Necklace

Tiger Claw Necklace
India, c. 1865

 In Nineteenth Century India, a tiger’s claws were considered to be powerful charms against evil. They were frequently used as amulets. Visitors to India, especially the British, found this custom charming and started to bring tiger claw amulets back to Britain as souvenirs. By the middle of the century, with a growing market, makers of tiger claw charms branched out into more elaborate pieces such as this one.

It was clearly made for the British market. The design is very similar to the shape and form of European jewelry. This particular necklace was exhibited at the Paris International Exhibition in 1867. Ten tiger claws of graded size have been set in engraved gold. The claws are linked by chains and the whole piece hangs from a gold snake. 


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Insect Necklace

Made of jasper, gold and agate, this woven necklace boasts a Milanese chain of hollow eliptical sections and three carved hard stone pendants. A gold frog, in relied, adorns the box clasp. 

The piece was made in Italy in the late Nineteenth Century by Giacinto Melillo who was known for his jewels made on ancient designs.



Photo by Julie Corsi

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cheep, cheep

2 day old canary chick




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Happy Thanksgiving!

Need a treat? There's lots at!

Photo Source : TJ Schnoebelen

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Thanksgiving manicure

Just perfect for Turkey Day!

Dessert for Thanksgiving Dinner

From Baskin-Robbins

Just a little batty

Zeke the baby Variable Flying Fox was born recently at Lubee Bat Conservancy.

Bats make up one fifth of all  mammals (1,116 species). They are among the most endangered of the world's creatures, primarily because much of their habitat has been eliminated by human encroachment or because they are over hunted for food or persecuted as pests or disease carriers. Their loss has serious consequences for the ecosystems to which they belong because bats are important seed dispersers and pollinators for many native flowering plants, and key insect predators globally.


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Shades with Cats?

Don't even bother ...


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Cat on the table?

Cute and easy idea from More Style than Cash for a table decoration:

Can you imagine one of these kitties at each place setting for Thanksgiving dinner? The citrus-y scent they would give to the table would be wonderful.

They would also be cute for kid's parties - and your guests can eat the decorations!

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Possibly the ugliest thing we've ever seen

It's an angler fish.

One of the ugliest animals ever, Anglerfish look really pissed off all the time (maybe it’s because they live in the dark at the lonely bottom of the sea). Their heads are enormous, with teeth that are sharp and translucent.

The female sports a piece of dorsal spine that sprouts out of their head above her mouth like a fishing pole. The tip is luminous and attracts bait.

The male is way smaller by comparison and has no need for the “fishing rod.” With his sharp teeth he latches onto the female and fuses with her. He connects to her skin and bloodstream and loses his eyes and all his internal organs except his testes. Ew, that’s a lot to lose for love.

Getty Images


Another blog for animal lovers

We just found a wonderful blog, The Featured Creature, which aims to introduce us to some of the  wildly wonderful creatures that you probably never even knew existed.  There are over 30 million species on our planet, why not get to know them all?

A recent post showcases the  incredible Leaf Beetle (Calligrapha amator). 

There are many, many entries, so be warned, you can get lost here for hours.

Photo Caterpillar hunter

Got a banana?


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Zoo animal finger puppets

Make your own zoo! Put together a Madagascar type adventure. Relive a trip to the zoo. Collect your favorite animals.

These finger puppets are made with a wool blend felt. Everything is hand stitched. They are all about 3" tall by 1 1/2" wide.

Buy them at etsy.

Strange company


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77 year old cat

This black mohair plush cat is standing with an arched back and upright tail. His eyes are green and his nose is pink.

It was manufactured by the German toy manufacturer, Schuco in 1935.

He now lives at The Victoria and Albert Museum.


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You don't need fur to be cute!

It's an Armadillo Lizard.


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Time to start shopping? newly redesigned website now has Christmas treats for pets.

Take a look


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Furever Dachshund Rescue Auction

Dachshund Planter.
Just one of the items available in the Furever Dachshund Rescue Auction starting Monday, November 12th.

 Please preview their items right now! 
They also need donations still.
Contact to donate.

Cat God


The year of the owl


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Secret message - received a little late

Secrets from World War II may have been found in a coded message attached to the skeleton of a carrier pigeon found in an English chimney.

The bird was found when David Martin in Bletchingly, Surrey, was renovating his fireplace.

Martin told the BBC that he began “pulling it down, pulling it down…then the pigeon bones began appearing one by one by one. Down came the leg with the red capsule on with a message inside.”

 More than 250,000 carrier pigeons were used in World War II. They were called the National Pigeon Service and were relied on heavily to transport secret messages.

 Government code breakers are working to read the message found in Martin’s chimney.