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Photo: M And Y / Caters News / Zuma Press

Cats and Books

Yes, they CAN read! Photo sources: Meow, fycats, JanaDillo, BellaCupcake3218, Stina-Nuka-Sai, Na-Na-Naaa, Cats and Stuff

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The cutest thing you'll see today

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The Mighty Tiger: 15 Facts and 25 Stunning Photos Beautiful, deadly and endangered. The tiger is all of these. Putty in their paws: Why we do what cats want A pair of studies shows cats cleverly manipulate us to get what they need. Kids and Furkids If parents teach their children how to deal correctly with a dog while the children are young and curious, their relationships with dogs will be richer.

“Bark in the Park” Chicago!

The 17th annual “Bark in the Park” event to raise funds for The Anti-Cruelty Society is on Saturday, May 7, at Montrose Harbor in Chicago.

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Peeping Tom

Photo: Csaba_Bajko (via Worldly Cats)

Let's go visit Sancho

Aniela, who is only 13, is the author of a new blog about her adorable rabbit, Sancho. Sancho loves Nutella, skateboard riding, and playing in the garden. Sancho is also lonely because no one knows about his blog. Please visit Sancho today!


Friday, April 29, is National Hair ball Awareness Day! What better way to spread the word than by coughing up a virtual hairball on all your Facebook friends? If you’re a cat owner, you’ve surely fallen victim to a hairball attack. There’s nothing worse than discovering that little present from your pet in the middle of the night in your bare feet. National Hairball Awareness Day provides a platform for highlighting this issue and educating cat owners of the solutions Science Diet offers. You can help spread the word for Hill's Hairball Control products by playing and passing on Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s very first Facebook game—Hairball Battle! Playing the game is simple. Choose one of the hilarious hairballs and cough them up on your friends! But watch out, they’ll be able to retaliate! Silly, sloppy and a bit disgusting—it’s the most fun friends of felines can have without leaving Facebook! Play the game by clicking the Battle link below. Then fight to the yucky finish. Watch your step! P.S. Dog lovers, don’t be shy—you can play, too! Seriously, if you would like more information about hairballs and hairball control, please visit Hill's® Science Diet® Hairball Control Formulas.

Real angry bird

Photograph by GERARD GIRLING (via Twisted Sifter)

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Shop cats

in a sweater store in Zermatt, Switzerland, by Julie Corsi in a restaurant in Farfa, Lazio, IT, by MakeNmakE in Khan el-Khalili bazaar in Cairo, by elsa11 in a diamond shop in Amsterdam, by kaylovesvintage The Bay Window Dunbar Gardens Flutot's Camera Repair (via KGRC) Fandangle Beads 57Andrew Old Scrolls Book Shop West Seattle Blog has a series profiling “shop cats” who are fixtures at local businesses.

Monday? Monday!

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Thank you, thank you! has included The Pet Blog (that's us!) in 50 Best Blogs for Veterinary Students. How nice! Thanks!

Cute or not? Baby ducklings

This is actor Zach Galifianakis in a GQ photoshoot. Well ---- what do you say, CUTE or NOT? How about this one? Is this cuter? Source (#1) Source (#2)

Product Review: PetPeePee

I was asked to try out a new product which guarantees that "Urine stains removed will never resurface!" Recommended for tile, grout, wood floors and carpets, to remove dog and cat urine odor. The timing of the request was perfect because our sweet, dear kitty, Bandit, sometimes misses the litterbox and baptizes the carpet instead. I waited until the next "accident" for a good time to try PetPeePee. I was very skeptical when I opened the bottle and took a whiff - and smelled ... nothing! The liquid was clear, too. Hmmmm, I thought - is this just plain water? The directions said to place my nose on an area that smells of urine. Yup - I found the spot right away. Then, I had to saturate the area with the PetPeePee liquid, but without using a spray bottle. It felt a little worrisome, dumping more liquid onto the carpeting, but I did it. I waited the 5 minutes recommended, then started to dab up all the moisture with a clean white rag. I decided to let it dry over night and check it out in the morning. Well? Nice! No smell! The cat urine smell is totally gone! How did they do that? The bottle doesn't list the ingredients. It just says, "Naturally blended Dead Sea minerals." Whatever they are, they work. I will recommend this product to all. If you'd like to find out more about PetPeePee, or see if their products are available in a store near you, please visit their website:

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50 Dogs At 50 Miles Per Hour Little is as satisfying to a dog as sticking their head out of a car window and eating the breeze. Iran Pushing to Ban Dogs as Pets Dogs are unclean in the eyes of Islam, but man's best friend in Iran has until now avoided being outlawed. That could all change if a new bill recently proposed in parliament passes.

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Today's awwwww.....

from Flickr, by lenny_is_great (via)

Want a hot dog?

Snuggie for Dogs Pink Colored Fleece Blanket Coat with Sleeves The ultimate in cold weather doggie accessories, the Snuggie for dogs fleece blanket coat with sleeves is perfect for every breed of dog! Keep your fuzzy friend warm from head to paw with this super-soft, thick, luxurious fleece! The adjustable Velcro tabs ensure the perfect fit for any size dog from Chihuahua to Bull Mastiff. at Amazon $9.98

Let's look at old photos

Princess Margherita of Savoy-Genoa, aged 15 years, 1866; future Queen of Italy. (via) State Library and Archives of Florida (via) Very unusual to find an OLD photo with a cat, isn't it? photographer: Békei Ödön - Budapest / Hungary 1896 -1908 - photo found at Flickr, from ggaabboo's collection. Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi) in hat and velvet coat trimmed with ermine. At her side her favorite dog, 'Shadow'. The photo was taken by Emil Rabending, ca. 1865. Postcard published by Postkartenverlag Donauland, Vienna, Austria, around 1900. From the top down: Luke the dog, Buster Keaton, Al St John, & Roscoe Arbuckle. (via) found at flickr, from Antique Dog Photos (c. 1943)

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National Geographic Alanna Schmidt

Can you "eye"dentify this animal?

Can you name this species? Test your wildlife identification skills and see how many species you can identify from a close-up of their eyes. "Eye spy" quiz

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The cutest thing you'll see today


Recycled Pet Portraits by Samuel Price

Sam Price has saved at least 650 trees! See, he creates unique dog portraits using hundreds of hand-cut recycled magazine squares on canvas. Sam works five days a week at collage using at least 20 recycled magazines a day. That’s 100 magazines a week, 400 a month, 4800 a year, and 48,000 in ten years. (To make 1,100 magazines, you need about 15 trees.) The results are very unique and make a great gift for the green dog lover who has everything dog. See more of Sam's work at: and (via Dog Milk)