Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Crowds flock to monkey 'wedding'

Some 3,000 villagers have attended an elaborate Hindu wedding ceremony in eastern India for two monkeys. The "bride" was dressed in a five-metre long sari and decked in flowers. The "groom", a three-year-old male monkey named Manu, was taken by procession to a temple in the company of hundreds of bemused onlookers, accompanied by loud music, dancing and fireworks. The monkeys were showered with gifts by those present. They included a gold necklace for the bride, donated by a local businessman. "I feel as if my own daughter is getting married. I cannot bear the thought that she would not be with us anymore," Mamina, the woman who has been looking after the female monkey said. The two monkeys, who were kept in chains before the marriage, have now been released by their owners. They have been spotted hanging out at the temple where the "marriage" took place. Source: BBC

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