Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Italian Farmers will raise Japanese Kobe cattle

A farm in Comazzo, Italy, is raising Japanese Wagyu cows to woo meat-loving Italians with the world's most expensive Kobe steaks. The Italians are hoping the tender, marbled beef will revive falling beef consumption and give their profits a boost. Chocolate-colored Yoko, Waghino and Hirino, stumbling in their stall on a farm just south of Milan, are about a month old and are the first Wagyu calves to be born in Italy. They come from embryos imported from Australia. They will be meticulously reared and coddled for 2-3 years, with massages and a diet including beer to give them the famous marble-like meat texture webbed with fat veins for the first "Made in Italy" Kobe steak to land on someone's plate. Source: Reuters UK

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