Sunday, February 15, 2009

Product review: Fur-Zoff

I love, love, love my cats, but I do not love their fur on every piece of furniture and clothing in my home, so I avidly try any product that claims to remove pet hair. We have tried the Miracle Brush, sticky sheets, sticky rollers, the "Hair Magnet" and the "Pet Sponge." I've even purchased the Dyson Animal to vacuum up all their fur. What Bandit's favorite chair looks like if I haven't cleaned it in a few days. I was intrigued by Fur-Zoff when I saw their website and thought I'd give it a try. From the pictures on the Fur-Zoff website, and from my first glance at the package, I thought this was another one of those stiff, spongy type of removal tools. I was quite surprised when I opened the package and found that the Fur-Zoff is really a lava-type of stone --- a huge pumice stone! But nicely rounded and smoothed, so I could comfortably hold it. My first impulse was to go scrub my heels and get rid of that winter-rough callous. But no, let's try it on Bandit's chair, first. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to rub this stone on my upholstery. I was a afraid that it would snag and damage the fabric. But it didn't. It also did not "pick up" the hair as I had expected. What the Fur-Zoff does is to sweep all the hair as you brush with it. The Fur-Zoff does a nice job on a flat surface, sweeping pet hair forward as you brush, if you brush with the grain of the fabric. It was not as easy to brush crosswise, or to try to brush along the arms of the chair or in the curves and grooves. When I was finished, there were little clumps of fur still stuck to the Fur-Zoff. They were easy to remove. What the chair looks like after brushing with Fur-Zoff. Fur-Zoff delivers on its promise to remove pet hair and I would recommend it for a large, flat, smooth, surface such as a bedspread, comforter, or drapes.


koz22 said...


I think people will really like the Fur-Zoff! Thanks for posting a blog post on it, I appreciate it because I like when people use eco-friendly products as opposed to plastic-throw-away stuff like the new Pledge product. I enjoy your product reviews, keep 'em up!


Unknown said...

Hi Any idea of where I can buy one in the UK without paying outragious shipping charges? Maureen