Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bored? Go wake up your cat

Chris "Petey" Peterson at "Something Awful" had a dastardly idea. Assuming that your cat is sleeping right now, and which cat isn't, grab a camera and go wake that cat up. Go, right now! Take a picture of that darling little (pissed off) face and post it. Quite a few people have responded and sent Chris their photos. Here's a couple: Ok, I have to admit - I too, have been know to interfere with my cats' napping pleasure. I took this picture of Grace when I caught her napping in Ava's chair which Grace thinks should now be called Grace's chair. The next photo is of Bandit. I have an extensive collection of shots of him sleeping. He's always sleeping, except when he runs through the house doing his "here comes a herd of elephants" sound effects. Next, Smoke. He had the fluffiest, fuzziest belly, and the sweetest personality until he scratched the hell out of my daughter-in-law's arm one day. He left us one day on a neighborhood safari and never came back. Here's a bonus shot: waking up two cats at once! Buddy always loved to sleep on top of Coco. They're both gone from us now, but fondly remembered.