Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In honor of Valentine's Day - The kiss


Jen said...

Really really cute!

Santiago said...

What if most of these animals kissing, are of the same sex? Then, you will be promoting homosexuality. I feel there is nothing wrong with that, personally I would rather see two females perform these acts than two males.

Happy Valentines ;-)

Texasholly said...


hyoid said...

Santiago, you are a moron.

These animals are adorable though.

Anonymous said...

Santiago you need to keep your comments to yourself. What a stupid thing to say.
These pictures are a joy to see

Quiddity said...

Pretty sure Santiago was kidding. Calm down there, critters...

samjam06 said...

Why cant humans show affection like the animals do and mean it thanks for the fantastic photographers you are amazing


Unknown said...

Some of those animals were doing a little more than kissing ;)

Best Life Possible said...

Yea - hard to kiss beaks :> But they look cute trying! :)

Unknown said...

I think Santiago should be banned from making any further sexually suggestive comments on this site. Children look at these animals!!!!M.J. Evanston, IL

Santiago said...

Margaret, may be it is the community that you live in, that should be banned. Anyways, we live in the US which guarantees freedom of speech. So, you can either act blind and ignore whatever I have written or simply have no children, because its maniacs like you that have jeopardize our community. Let me remind you of a quote by Benjamin Franklin, it is especially for people like you "People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both".

Keep your garbage to yourself.

Julie said...

Come on now, kids, let's all play nice and get along.

I thought Santiago's comment was meant to be humorous, otherwise I would have deleted it.

But we don't all have the same sense of humor, I guess.

huntlyquine said...

Thank God for the Santiagos of this world! We can all do with some humour in these times - thanks for the smile santiago :-)

Unknown said...

Cute pix of kissing animals!

Mehreen Kashif said...

Really cute pics
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Mily said...

ahhh, adorable!!!!!!

Teresa Schultz said...

Really cute - we love the meerkats in particular. They look like a cute old married couple already.

Unknown said...

The only instances in which it is appropriate to kiss a frog is if you are living in a fairy tale or if you are another frog. I think that's something everyone should know, but which they don't teach in schools for some reason.

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