Monday, February 9, 2009

Meet Squeaky the squirrel

Squeaky is a female eastern gray squirrel, now 8 1/2 years old. Squeaky has lived all her life with Carrie Saites - ever since Kacey, Saites' Labrador retriever, found 4-week-old Squeaky and brought her home. Squeaky maintains much of the character of a wild eastern gray squirrel. She hides nuts throughout Saites' apartment and "chatters" when she feels threatened. She climbs and jumps from furniture and cracks open nuts with her front teeth. When you walk into Saites and Squeaky's home, it is any critter's heaven. Playgrounds are set up for Squeaky across the apartment, and stuffed Disney animals are her playmates. At least five types of foods are prepared in small dishes in at least two spots in the apartment. Macaroni and cheese, sunflower seeds and bread dough are soft enough for the aging squirrel to eat when Saites is at work. Riptide Rush Gatorade is Squeaky's favorite drink, Saites says. Source

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