Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cute contest: cat in box

Does your cat like boxes? What cat doesn't? Unica Home is running a "Cat in Box" photo contest. Just email a photo of your cat in a box and you could win one of the cute cat playhouses pictured to the left. The rules: cat must be alive, not drugged, not unconscious, and willing to be in their box ... The playhouses sound great - I think my cats might like one: "made from folded cardboard and flat packed, the cat playhouses will provide endless hours of enjoyment for your cat. help them achieve their dreams of being a pilot, fireman, or even tank commander! cat not included. some assembly required (unless your cat is flat)"

1 comment:

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello julie its dennis the vizsla dog hay no fare i want my own tank too!!! but i want wun that akchooally rolls arownd and shoots cannonballs so that i can yooze it to tayk on the ninja hedjhogs then they wood be sorry they messd with me!!! ok bye