Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Book Review: The World is Your Litter Box

The World Is Your Litter Box: A How-to Manual for Cats is a very unusual book in that it was written by Quasi, who happens to be a cat. This book is actually an instruction manual for cats who were unfortunate enough to be born without the innate feline abilities possessed by Quasi. The cats who live in my house, Grace and Bandit, were very interested in the book. Grace, of course, wouldn't read it while I was looking, but she did read it after I was asleep for the night. Grace, the world's most prolific upchucker, learned of a few new places to throw up thanks to Quasi. Bandit thought the book was very flavorful - all four corners now are artfully decorated with fang marks. Grace and Bandit have a few suggestions in case Quasi is thinking of a sequel. They'd like to teach him the "brush your tail against a candle during a party" trick to liven up social gatherings. Also, to encourage household remodeling and redecorating, there's the "get up into the ceiling and cause the drywall to collapse" trick. On the whole though, we'd like to congratulate Quasi, and his human co-author, Steve Fisher, on a cute, humorous, and charming book.


Jan said...

My cat knows enough ways to annoy the dogs and the humans.

Freddy said...

I have a cat that causes me no problem of this sort as it is always playing. The problem with my cat are the toys. I have to make a big consumption.