Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Got a Buck?

Can you afford one dollar per month? Just $12 per year can help 12 shelters in desperate need of financial help. Each month the Animals Help Campaign will feature a different animal shelter in dire need of financial assistance. Send one dollar to that shelter during that month. Your one dollar combined with other dollars will help to raise thousands of dollars for one needy shelter. And this month's shelter is: Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary Critter Camp cares for the forgotten pets that many shelters do not accept. The animals there were about to be euthanized or had been abused, neglected or abandoned. Critter Camp is a licensed, registered 501c3 non-profit charitable organization, 100% no-kill, operated by volunteers and supported by donations. They care for over 200 exotic and unusual homeless pets of 30 different species! Critter Camp has hands-on educational fun tours for small groups to learn about and experience animals such as a hedgehog, fennec fox, sugar glider, bearded dragon, chinchilla, and much more.They offer pet owner education and tips on what to consider before you get a pet. They are planning to build a "green" sanctuary building that will use passive and active solar and wind power and other ecologically sound practices in the near future. They are offering to name the facility after a large initial donor too. All of the information about the sanctuary, tours, our background and plans are on our site . Send Critter Camp $1.00 (more is OK, too)

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