Monday, May 12, 2008

Learn about wolves

Little Odin was born in the spring of 1994. He is the grandson of the original "Odin", who was the largest known captive wolf in North America. Little Odin is a British Columbian wolf. British Columbian wolves are primarily black, however Little Odin has grayed out tremendously since he is getting up in age. Weighing approximately 130 pounds, Little Odin is and has always been the true star of Big Run's presentations! Beginning as a one-month old pup, Little Odin has helped educate thousands of people and has no less than 650,000 miles under his paws, going to schools, libraries, etc. He is extremely well-behaved, even among crowds. Being semi-retired now, when he stands at the gate and wags his tail, he’s saying that he would like to go to the program that day. Little Odin lives at Big Run Wolf Ranch in Lockport, IL. Big Run Wolf Ranch is a federally licensed non-profit educational facility specializing in North American wildlife. They have been licensed for approximately 20 years and doing educational lectures for approximately 14 years. Many of the animals at Big Run have been rescued wherein the only other alternative was euthanasia. Although they have rescued many animals, Big Run's primary objective is education. Currently, they are unable to comfortably house any additional wildlife. They are in the preliminary stages of planning a larger facility to provide homes for orphaned wildlife. Plans include an on-site rehab medical facility as well as an 1800 sq. ft. on-site education center.

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