Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Product Review: Bistro Bites

When it comes to small dogs and treats, size matters!

Small Dog Wonders Bakery, LLC recently released Bistro Bites, a new line of all-natural, healthy dog treats made specifically with the nutritional needs of small dogs in mind.

Valerie Perlowitz, CEO and founder, says many dogs are suffering from severe obesity because the treats they’re eating are simply too big.

Bistro Bites are perfectly sized for small dogs. Biscuits come in two sizes – small for dogs under 10 pounds, and medium for dogs between 11 and 20 pounds.

Although she doesn't really qualify for the "small dog" classification, we taste tested the Bistro Bites on our favorite taste-tester, Poppy, who absolutely loved the Sweet Potato flavor.

Bistro Bites are made in the United States and crafted on a made-to-order basis with ingredients sourced from local farms whenever possible.  Bistro Bites are conveniently available for purchase at on the newly redesigned Bistro Bites website and selected pet shops.


It took a few days after I received the sample of Bistro Bites before I could schedule a tasting appointment with Poppy. The samples package kept disappearing from my desk and showing up in unusual places around the house. Some days, I would find only the crumbs of the little brown biscuits. It was a mystery, until I saw this:

I wonder if the Bistro Bites folks are aware that some kitties are fond of these treats, too?

Photo: Julie Corsi

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