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Guest Post: Keeping Your Cat Safe

Gracie Slater loves her own snooty little companion — a wonderful tabby. She is a contributing author at

Keeping Your Cat Safe

If you own a cat, then you know that they can be the most curious pets you’ll ever have. If they aren’t laying on it or sleeping in it, then they’re more than likely sniffing or licking it. Cats have the innate ability to get into the strangest places and things. It’s very important to take precautions to ensure your cat’s safety. There are many threats in and around the home that could pose a real danger to your pet. Since cats are injured and killed every year by getting into things they should stay out of, it’s imperative to watch out for the following dangers that your curious feline just might get into.

Chemicals and Medications
Human medications, pet medications, pesticides, cleaning products, and other chemicals all pose a threat to your furry friend. If they are accessible, your cats can easily ingest any of these items. Treated toilet water is also a threat. Make sure you close your toilet seat if you have cleaner in the bowl. Be careful of spilled antifreeze in the driveway or garage and any other chemical spill that could be mistaken for a kitty snack. De-icing salts are something that needs to be watched. If your cat walks through them and then licks it off their paws, it could cause poisoning.

String, Yarn, Rubber bands
This includes dental floss, tinsel from a Christmas tree, and string from a frayed carpet or blanket. When ingested, these items can cause blockages in your cat’s intestines or pose a choking hazard. Remember that your cat is liable to eat anything, whether it’s because they’re bored, playing with it, or hungry.

If you have blinds or any kind of window hangings that have a cord, make sure you tie it up, out of reach of your cat. Cats just love anything that dangles. They will bat at it and play with it until they either ruin your blinds or strangle themselves in them.

Human Foods
While your cat may like sampling some of your ice cream or tuna fish, not all human foods are safe for their consumption. Some human foods to keep away from your pets include: coffee grounds, yeast, onions, grapes or raisins, tea, macadamia nuts, chocolate, salt, garlic, and fatty foods. Some of these items can have immediate adverse health effects, while others are simply not good for them overall. Chicken bones, for example, can shatter and cause splinters to lodge in their stomach or intestines. It’s best to simply avoid feeding your cats or giving them access to human foods and leftovers altogether.

Plastic Bags
Cats just love to get into things, literally. They will roll around on and inside plastic bags and can easily suffocate. Make sure these are kept in a drawer or bag holder and out of reach of cats.

Keeping these dangerous items away from your pets will help to ensure their safety. You can never tell what they will get into next. Even if they have never bothered the cleaning supplies before, you never know when they will discover them. Protecting our pets is an important issue; follow these suggestions and use basic common sense and your curious feline should be around for years to come.

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