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Guest Post: 5 Pet-Friendly College Campuses

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5 Pet-Friendly College Campuses

So the time has come. You've powered through prom, walked across the stage to Pomp and Circumstance and are all packed and ready to start the next phase of your life—college. You are ready and raring to go except for one minor detail. You're dreading saying goodbye, and we're not talking about your family. Sure, you'll miss them, but what about your beloved pet?! Whether they've been with you your whole life or have just joined the ride in the recent months and years, there's no doubt you have formed a special bond.

While several new college students accept the fact that they may have to leave their furry, feathered or fishy friends to the love and care of their parents while they are gone, some just aren't willing to settle for sparing visits throughout the semester. So, in lieu of leaving them home, many students are trying to bring them along for the ride—but will your school be OK with that? The truth is, some are and some aren't. Read on to see if your school is willing to welcome Fido with open arms.

California Institute of Technology
Grab your fish, hamster, cat—whatever you're pet load them up and head out West, that is unless of course you have a dog or a rabbit. All dorms allow felines, fish and other small caged animals, but sadly do not permit canines or bunnies to join the fun. Their website outlines more specifics for those who want to learn more, but it's safe to say CalTech is home to lots of animal lovers.

Stetson University
Unlike the academics out West, Stetson encourages students to bring their dog with them as they pursue higher learning—they even have their own dog park! Also, they have designated pet-friendly dorms where students can live harmoniously with their hamsters, mice and gerbils, among other things. The only catch? Your animal friend can't be over 30 pounds.

Stephens College
At Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, not only are pets welcome on campus—they are also cared for while you're in class! Making sure your beloved pooch doesn't feel neglected while you hit the books, the campus boasts a Doggie Daycare that has everything your dog could dream of—from dog runs to loveable staff members. Other species are also welcome to make the big move with you—dogs just happen to get preferential treatment.

Sweet Briar College
For the non-traditional pet owner, you should check into Sweet Briar College in Virginia. Turtles and fish pass the test, as well as horses. That's right, I said horses—provided you are on the equestrian team, otherwise that might be a bit excessive. Regardless of the unspoken bond you might have, allowing just anyone to bring a horse to campus could get a little cramped.

The University of Idaho
Located in Moscow, Idaho—this college permits students to have cats and birds in all of their dorm buildings. Fish are also a-ok. For the student with more than one pet, they are allowed to house up to two per residence, but all animals are susceptible to screening first.

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