Friday, May 4, 2012

Pig poo into power?

China has an estimated 700 million pigs, producing some two-thirds of the meat consumed there annually.

Pig waste contains a high level of nitrate, which in liquid form can contaminate ground water and in flake form can contaminate lakes, posing human health risks.  Of 1.4 million metric tons (1.5 million tons) of pig poo a year  only one tenth  is used now as manure. 

 CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC Care), a South Australian-based firm has a possible solution - using a bioreactor called "PooCareTM" and other technology, the pig manure is converted into biofuel for cooking and heating while the residual goes to farmers as nutrient-rich fertilizers. Solid waste is converted into a biogas that is then pumped through gas tanks that can be delivered to the local community. The entire process takes about a month, with the first biogenerator already running at a farm in Wuhan, central China.


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