Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lunch time?

Would you eat this?

 A caramelized locust is used to decorate a cake made of insects at the University of Wageningen. 

How about this?

  A cupcake made of insects.

 Research by scientists at the university showed that insects could provide the best source of protein to meet the needs of a rising population. Currently, 70 percent of agricultural land is used for livestock production.

REUTERS/Michael Kooren



Doggie Valentino and Kubrick 9 said...

My human mom has tried crickets. She's hooked on that Bizarre Food show... I think she would definitely try the first one, but she said 'no' on the second one, because it looks like worms. She would be willing to try ants and scorpions though. Go figure!

Julie said...

I'm not that daring. - But maybe in a dark room, if I didn't know what I was eating ...