Monday, June 25, 2007

They Take the Bounce Out of Bowser

At a time when affluent dog owners coddle their pets with massage, antidepressants and spa vacations, it’s not surprising that dogs have the equivalent of personal trainers. Hiring a dog runner isn’t merely fashionable. “Many people have come to understand that their dog needs more exercise than they can provide,” said Dr. Monica Clare, a critical care specialist at the Animal Surgical and Emergency Center in Los Angeles. “Dog walking is fine, but some dogs need more exercise. Dog runners provide it.” Some deskbound owners dispatch their pets to run miles that they can’t. “In some cases people do for their dogs what they don’t do for themselves,” said Josh Schermer, the founder of, in Manhattan. “They know they should go to the gym. They should eat better. They should run. So they have their dog do it.” Photo credit: NYC Dog Runners

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Jan said...

Actually I think this is a great idea. Most dogs need far more exercise than their owners can give them.

I agree with his owner that Elwood is really cute in his own way.