Monday, June 4, 2007

Bird-watching Myths

What sociologists call urban myths, persistent stories that fill a cultural need, have always been with us, but with the Internet moving "information" around the world at the speed of light, they have taken on new life. Bird watching has its own set of myths. Eirik A.T. Blom has a great list of Bird-watching Myths at Bird Watcher's Digest. I must admit that I've believed at least a couple of these: "You should take down your bird feeders in the fall because they keep birds from migrating and these birds will freeze to death," and "Parent birds will abandon a nestling if it has been touched by humans."

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ericat said...

Thank you for sharing the bird watching link. After we retired we planted our garden with aloes and other plants for the nectar loving birds in south africa. That is so entertaining, I can recommend a bird garden anytime... and the other wild field mice and so forth. Please visit when you have time aloe wilderness