Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snake found in baby's crib

A mother visiting family on Long Island says was startled when she went to check on her seventh-month-old baby in the middle of the night and found a snake coiled around the baby's leg. Cari Abatemarco, who lives in Troy, New York, was visiting family in Brentwood last week when she says her baby's cry woke her up. She says the foot-long snake just fell off her baby's leg when she went to grab the infant from the crib. Her cousin grabbed the snake and held it until animal control officer arrived. Animal control officials say the snake is a non-venemous California King, that's is not usually found on Long Island. Local police say they are not sure where the snake came from. Source: Newsday.com


Ark Lady said...

King snakes are actually good to have around because they feed on venomous snakes...and rodents. A bit disconcerting I am sure!

Meela Jasmine said...

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