Friday, June 6, 2008

Creative grooming

Because of a story at Mail Online, I've just discovered a brand new world! It's an entirely different universe - one that has dogs which come in all colors and dogs that don't look like dogs. In this world, people actually hold contests and win prizes to see what bizarre things they can do to the dogs. Have a look: Myra Macias transformed her standard poodle, Peach Cobbler, into a motorcycle with the theme "Poodle Rider." (via) Katherine Ray sculpted a depiction of a horse into the side of her poodle. (via) Christy Van Cleave turned her dog Jack into a "Poodles Under The Sea" theme. (via) Deanise Stoops turned her dog Jada into the character Jack Sparrow including a peg leg, a beaded goatee, hat and more. Nice coordinating outfit, Deanise! (via) Dawn Omboy has also turned a poodle into a pirate. I don't think Dawn's outfit is as good as Deanise's. At least she tried though. (gr8grmr) Sandy Hartness turned this poodle into a Ninja Turtle named Leonardoodle. Hey, Sandy, where's your costume? (via) Carmon Baker and her dog Missy chose the theme of Hoochy Poochy Parlor. Next year Missy will select the theme and will turn Carmon into a white poodle. (via) Sandy Hartness has disguised Cindy the poodle as a chicken. (via) Then, poof, Sandy turned Cindy into a peacock! (via) Here's Odin, another poodle, as a rare dragon dog. (via) This must be poodle camouflage of some sort. (white dog) *** We've seen a lot of altered poodles so far, but they're not the only breed subjected to all these artistic efforts. Sarah Reynolds turned her dog into the "Grinch Who Stole Christmas." (via) Angela Kumpe has managed to turn her dog into a dragonfly. (via) This is Bailey. He must be a Dolphins fan. (via) Here is Susan Tyner with Ralph. Are they twins? (via) *** Video: Creative grooming for dogs Some dog shows have "creative grooming" competitions, where groomers create unusual cuts for pooches. NBC's Brian Balthazar reports. TODAY's Maria Menounos talks with Dawn Omboy, a master groomer. Sources: oc register,, Groomer to Groomer,, Detroit Free Press Oh no! Look what else these people are doing ... (via)


Crusty Office Girl said...

None of these animals look impressed.

Do. Not. Want.

Ellie Finlay said...

Utter abominations. Shame on those humans!

becky said...

I love it. All poodles have to be groomed and most of them love being clowns and getting all the attention. My two standard poodles would be showing off and having a blast.

Living Below said...

Poodles love being clowns, perhaps, but non-Poodles...not so much. And then there's the cat who will probably attempt to murder their owner at every opportunity.

becky said...

Hi, Living Below

I agree with you.

dziban303 said...

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Tattooedbullies said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tattooedbullies said...

You insulters are obviously not educated in grooming in the least. I suppose you all do not seem to understand that these groomings can be shaved off the next day after the competition. I am also guessing that you do not see the smiles these dogs put on the faces of the causes they champion, such as pet assisted therapy. I'm also guessing that you don't all seem to realive the dogs you see in the dog shows are dyed to enhance their colors as well. I'm also guessing that half of you do not even HAVE a pet, and the other quarter personifies that pet to the point of giving behaviour issues. Groomers ARE NOT harming these dogs. These groomers see more dogs in their grooming shops in one week then most of you will touch in your entire lives. You need to lay off of the insults, as these are harming the PEOPLE, and groomers. Please stop anthromoporphising the dogs. Their psycology is capable of feelings, yes, but their social structure is a bit different.

Lord Manley said...

Hear, hear!

It might be a brave man that shaves a cat, but to suggest that the cat gives a fig about the fact that it has pom-poms on its tail is ridiculous.

There is no media imposes social norm for these animals, they simply do not care what colour their hair is.

Do try to avoid treating your pets like babies, people. If you want a baby then try washing and then go out and get a spouse.

invisible said...

This is disgusting (as are normal pet shows IMO), and shows a complete lack of respect for the animals. If people cannot accept their animals as they are, they shouldn't be keeping pets (and yes I do have pets of my own, and wouldn't dream of treating them like toys or objectifying them in this way). And if objecting to this treatment is 'harming people' - so what? Why should teh feelings of people (who are just human monkeys after all) be privileged over those of other animals in any way, and why should animals suffer to keep idiot humans happy?

And as for those posters above who are so sure that they know how animals do and don't think and feel - you are clueless. Animals are sentient beings with inner lives that are as rich as any human's. It is simply typical human-centric arrogance to suggest otherwise. And that is not anthropomorphising animals - why bring them down to our (your) level? Nor is it treating pets like babies, of which there are far too many on this planet as it is. Genuine animal lovers appreciate animals for themselves, rather than as substitute crotch-droppings.

If you actually took the time to learn how to truly communicate with animals (such as is described here ) maybe you'd realise they have their own personalities and preferences, and that we should respect those at least as much as we do other peoples. But of course you won't do that, since you are already convinced that your worldview is the only correct one.


Anonymous said...

This is stupid, I feel bad for these wild animals...

Stop domestication, you might as well have human slaves to torment...

Crys said...

one should learn more about something before posting silly comments by simply viewing some photos.

i'm angela kumpes cousin and i can assure you that she would never harm an animal. these dogs are simply getting a unique haircut/coloring how can that be torture? angela has been a groomer for many years, she has pets of her own and she totally respects them and their feelings.

sister said...

I have given my cocker spaniel a Mohawk and have painted it pink many times. Though i have not gone to the extreme of turning him into a peacock (from lack of talent in that department)he really seemed to enjoy it. He would prance around all giddy and it never harmed his personality. I love my dog's all of whom where rescued from horrible homes and any time I spend grooming them weather or not they get a Mohawk, the love it. Obviously these dogs look well taken care of, and get a lot of attention. There are people who spend little if no time on their pets. I don't think there is any difference from this to cutting a human child's hair. (and yes i would give my child a Mohawk) art can be expressed in many forms. music, graffiti, hair styling, and now grooming. i think it is great keep it up!

Julie said...

"Sister" I hope you're tracking this because there's no contact info attached to your profile - I would LOVE to see a photo of your cocker spaniel with Mohawk. Please send one if you've got it!

catlovespoodles said...

For all those who feel they have the obligation to criticize these groomers for their art, SHAME ON YOU!! They have spent COUNTLESS hours prepping and carefully bathing combing and clipping these masterpieces. They create living sculptures and probably spend more time on just ONE design than the average pet owner spends with their dog in a year (and they compete in several contests/year)
As for the emotional well being of the dog, I assure you that is 1st priority for the groomer. Certainly every dog isn't a candidate for the creative competition ring. They must be outgoing and enjoy attention. I have 6 dogs (4 poodles and 2 chinese cresteds). Three of my dogs LOVE being colored and all the attention they get. The others are more reserved and I respect the fact that they wouldn't like people staring at them and snapping pictures. Every dog is different and has a unique personality. Knowing your dog is key. An unhappy dog crouched down and miserable doesn't make a very pleasing picture for the judges. They must be confident and hold their head/tail up high and proud to properly display all your hard work.
I have competed in many grooming contests in my 13 yrs as a professional dog groomer but the creative class has always intrigued me. There's always such an excitement and buzz around it at the trade shows. It always draws the biggest crowds. I finally competed in my 1st creative class last month and I'm hooked. It was a great bonding experience for me and my powderpuff chinese crested Feather (who was styled to look like a carousel horse). And when we got home, the dyed hair was easily shaved off.
As for invisible's (too much of a coward to use a real name or allow your profile to be viewed) comment on how we "should accept [our] dogs for what they are", WE DO, they're DOGS. We see beyond the fur/hair and see a living work of art. Whether it's a creative entry or a standard trim, grooming is art. Why would a dog care what color their hair is? They are color blind, right? All they see is how much time their mommy or daddy spent making them pretty, and now everyone wants to pet them and take their picture.
As for your attack on dog shows, that is also ignorant and borderline stupid. Conformation shows are aimed at IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF PUREBRED DOGS. Not only the physical appearance but the health, temprament, and functionality of each breed. Responsible breeders who attend dog shows routinely test their dogs for inherent diseases and structural issues, with each generation living longer happier healthier lives. Pure bred dogs purchased from responsible breeders generally have a predictable appearance, health and temperament that no "designer dog" or mutt can guarantee.
Instead of attacking these creative minds we should applaud them. In an ugly black and white world full of "doom and gloom" it is a breath of fresh air to see how some creative minds are filling the world with fun, creativity and color.
Didn't your mother ever tell you if you didn't have anything nice to say just keep your mouth SHUT!!

Sandy said...

What is wrong with you people ???
The pictures are great the dogs and cats look WONDERFUL Now for you that think this is dumb.. Get a Life this is art, Not something to shake your finger at we all love to see what make us SMILE and this is one of those things that are here to make us smile.. So if you don't like looking at them go to a different web page. I LOVE IT!
Sandy in Kansas

L.s. and c.n. said...

Amen Sandy! I don't think there's anything wrong with the grooming the dye will grow out people! And its not like they're being made fun of. In fact, they're praised, by their owners, judges, and all of the audience. So anyone against it, as already stated, look at some other page or pictures!

liz said...

Tattooedbullies- you forget the months of prep that go into the comp.

Kevin said...

Yes, those who are commenting negatively have probably never seen a creative grooming competition or met a creative dog.
These dogs are well taken care of family pets. They are still dogs. they splash in pools, run through creeks and chase balls. They just look differently when they do it.
These dogs will never be matted, never worry where their next dinner is coming from, never be abused. They are our partners in these competitions, not just props.
As groomers we see the flea infested, dogs so matted their coats come of like casts, with months of feces stuck to their bums, urine burns, oozing ears. That is cruel. What is done to these dogs does not harm them physically or mentally.
This process is done over a series of months, not in one sitting. I get so tired of hearing "oh those poor dogs must have to stand so long". No, they don't. it's just what you think, not what you know. I know.

Kevin said...

I also know that cat (her name is Monica by the way) is the beloved pet of a persian breeder and loves to be groomed - in ANY way.

Liz said...

Oh, for the love of all things sane!

To all the "groomers" who think their dogs enjoy this because they stand still, they pose, they seem happy - you're wrong. They're TRAINED to look pleased about it, remember? Taking someone to a show, covering their chopped-up fur in many harmful dyes and making them stand for hours on end posing blatantly constitues cruelty. I'm not just saying this because it's bizarre, or different or new. I have no problem with either of those things - it's forcing someone to stand and pose and put up with all this CRAP just because they've been trained to that I object to. If this were done to humans, it would be illegal by now!

Also, to those who have blatantly insulted the groomers, present a worthwhile argument or don't post. Yes, you object. Very good. That's nice. Now explain why.

Kevin said...

Have you ever done creative grooming? If not... Then you have no idea what you are talking about.

Confetti said...

You can't train a dog to be happy. Can't train a dog to fake animation, interest, cheerful wiggles, humor or joy.
You can't "train a dog to look pleased".
And darling, it IS "done to" humans. Humans dress up, get their hair done, go to parties and stand on their feet interacting with interesting people, and the difference between humans and dogs is that humans CAN fake it. You're the one projecting; maybe you hate dressing up and going to parties. Watch the dogs. If they are stiff and frozen and their tails are down, they are enduring the equivalent of a noxious social obligation. That would be tedious, but hardly equivalent to severe cruelty. If they are animated and making happy dog body language, they are having a bit of a party.
Don't YOU be silly - there are real tortured dogs to rescue out there. If you believe in living with domestic animals at all (and you may think that ancient comradeship is an abomination, in which case you can hook up with PETA and euthenise the poor slaves, which is their latest project) then go save one. If you get a poodle (they are brilliant and astonishing companions), keep it in a nice kennel clip, that's fine, too. And answer the Peta people who tell you that your friendship, which will involve gentle training if the dog is to share your quarters (just as you did, unless you poop in your drawers and howl at strangers) is vicious. If you believe them, you have two choices: dump your dog in the woods and hope that this "wild" creature goes feral enough to survive a brute existence, or put her down. This stuff drives me nuts; my best friends are dogs, and I'm theirs. It's gooood, for all. Get your issues straight.

Janet said...

My dogs have always enjoyed attention, and they know when they're making us laugh, and they love that even more. There's no question that when we are impressed with dogs, give them attention, and are clearly enjoying them, they are in doggy heaven. Dogs have been putting up with human nonsense for centuries - being goofy humans is part of their world. Nobody's getting hurt - except when people judge each other and get angry. The dogs have nothing to do with that - just more human foolishness.

Chris said...

The dyes used on the dogs are vegetable oil based, and totally non toxic, not damaging, etc...unlike the dyes WE humans use on our hair.

It does take a certain personality dog to do this - also, not all breeds can, because most dogs have fur that only grows out to a certain length.

My groomer approached me about entering my dog into a competition, and after she explained the process to me, I said "sure"...why? because Harry is a clown. He's a standard poodle who LOVES being the center of attention, and he LOVES being groomed - remember, poodles have HAIR, not fur - they NEED to get it bathed and combed much more frequently than their fur bearing cousins. My dog jumps UP onto the grooming table of his own accord, and stands there while Kelly does what she has to do, and he loves it - he's looking around, he has a bird's eye view.

The shaping can begin a few months before the competition, and when it's over, the dye washes out after a few washings, OR...I can just get him his summer clip, and you'll never know he was a work of art the day before.

Obviously you are not going to use a shy, nervous, or withdrawn dog, or one that isn't comfortable around a lot of people for something like this...but just like humans, there are some dogs that are just born show-offs, and they SHINE. /shrugs

sarah said...

Just so you people who disagree with this know, the dogs love it!! My dog is Odin the dragon and the ninja turtle. He is absolutely so pleased with himself because of all the attention. These dogs love to be primped and made over. Anyone who says its cruel or an abomination is absolutely ignorant. Until you have been a dog groomer or been to one of these shows you cannot judge. We all love our dogs and like many other professions have made this our life. The dogs are part of our family and like children to us. I will thank you judgemental people to keep your mouths closed until you, yourself have experienced a show or this profession.

sheila said...

Honestly, I have been a groomer for 31 years, raised Poodles (health genetic testing, temperament testing, etc before breeding them and gave health guarantees).

The dogs you see in these photos are taken EXTREMELY good care of!!! Those that are are things "I" complain about that are more important:

People that bring their dogs in that they say they LOVE and are a total matted matted there is nothing left to do than to totally strip them to get the 1-2" tight pelt off their skin (which there are spots that literally have pulled from the skin on its own from being so tightly matted)

People that don't give good dental care to their dogs, can't understand why their breath is bad, they have teeth with so much build up it looks like one huge tooth in its mouth with infection racing through its body!!!

People that feed their pets very bad diets, not balanced. THey bring their dogs in and tell me how much they love them and they are extremely over weight.

People that don't teach dogs to be good canine citizens and they bite, act up, scream, etc.

People that leave their pets in a hot car.

I can go on and on about TRUE abuse cases!!!!

If you saw the cases I have seen in the past 31 years, dogs matted so bad they literally have maggots in their skin!!!, teeth that just fall out from so much rot, so fat they can't stand up, those are the ones that you should be cursing. It takes extreme skill to do what the groomers are doing and they LOVE their dogs. People that speak before they think or before they TRULY understand something....

Dangerous dyes?? I think not, they are formulated for this. How about all the dyes people use on their THAT is chemicals and not good for you!!!
You watching the Bachelor show?? Beauty shows, dance contests...

I'm making myself tired just thinking of all this...I just say...get a life

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nutrendmedia said...

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James Inderson said...

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Tante Girang said...

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