Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Funny dog poem

Found at Divine Caroline Funny Poem for My Dog By: Bill Browne I went outside to take a pee, My daddy found a tick on me, He washed the pillows, He washed the sheets. I thought he was going to wash my treats. He vacuumed the room, He washed my bed, After washing me he combed me from tail to head. Now here I sit on the top stoop, Afraid to death to take a poop, But que serra, Whatever will be. Please god don't let him find a tick on me. Love ya, Duke


Meg McNeaL said...

That is so funny.

Thanks for sharing.

7 deadly sins of Pet Industry Marketing, Do you agree that this is the 8th?

Ark Lady said...

Very cute. I am not a poet but at least I know it! :-)

Joey and Maggie said...

That was awesome!

Lyka said...

Very awesome poem duke...I really like it...I remember my friend who has his mini pin, he always told me a story about Cassie his dog...about things that it does which was sometimes disgusting but still he loves it...

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