Tuesday, June 3, 2008

China prepares for the Olympics in their own cruel way

A cute little cartoon fish is one of the mascots for the Beijing Olympics. But this sick tourist trinket shows a shocking contempt for the creatures – with a live goldfish stuffed into a tiny plastic bag on a keyring. The bag is sealed so there is only enough oxygen to last for a few hours at the most. Then the goldfish will simply suffocate. The keyrings – aimed predominantly at children – are already selling fast in markets in Qingdao, the city that will host the sailing events for this summer’s Games. (via Critter News)


jan said...

I hadn't heard this one but it doesn't surprise me. I've always loved the Olympics, but I just don't think I can bring myself to ignore all that is going on in China.

daun1919 said...

It is so cruel...and sinful.. Can anyone imagine we ourselves being kill like that just for fun for somebody else.... Not worth it to have fun with sport by killing a living creatures....

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Jamie Boyle said...

Yeah I've read about this on another blog as well. Can't believe it. Poor little goldfish, as mentioned they only have a few hours of oxygen and that's it.


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