Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Do you know a handicapped pet?

Mark emailed me the following:

"A MAJOR media outlet has contacted us looking to do a feature story on a special handicapped pet. We're asking for submissions as soon as possible. Showing that disabled animals can live happy, healthy lives is what we're all about and this article will help us accomplish that. They would like to feature a "hero" dog; one that has served in Iraq, on a police force, or other service. The dog, injured in the line of duty, received a replacement limb. We're looking for submissions right away. Selected submissions in both the wheelchair and prosthetic limb story will be featured on the website. One submission in the prosthetic category may have the opportunity for national acclaim. Please email (HPetsNews if you or someone you know has such an animal. Give a brief description and a photo if possible. Warm Regards, Mark C. Robinson"

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