Monday, June 9, 2008

Cute or not? Baby slow loris

This is a pygmy slow loris. It is a rare species found in Vietnam, Laos, and parts of Cambodia. About 72,000 of the creatures live in the wild, and 183 are in captivity. The nocturnal animals spend their days curled up in tree holes or clumps of dense vegetation. At night they come out to dine on fruit, insects, small mammals, and birds. If threatened, the loris can pack a poisonous bite. They have little pads on the inside of their elbows that release a toxin. If they lick that, then bite in self-defense, they actually are able to deliver the toxin via their teeth. The toxin isn't believed to be harmful to humans.


Ark Lady said...

You forgot to mention that the mother will cover the baby with the toxin as a protective measure.

Kylie said...

I hope you are not suggesting that lorises make good pets or advocating the use of these animals as pets?

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Akhadiwi Rajie said...

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