Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A new type of genocide

Ohio House Bill 568, introduced by Representative Tyrone Yates of Cincinnati, seeks to prohibit the ownership, keeping, or harboring of a dog that "belongs to a breed that is commonly known as a pit bull dog." If this bill is passed and adopted into law, all pit bulls in Ohio will be seized and euthanized. HB 568 provides that: * No person shall own, keep, or harbor a dog that belongs to a breed that is commonly known as a pit bull dog. * No later than 90 days after the effective date of this bill, a person who owns, keeps, or harbors a pit bull dog will be forced to surrender the dog to a dog warden. * Within ten days of surrender, the dog warden shall euthanize the dog. * If an officer has probable cause to believe that a dog is a pit bull, the officer may apply for a search warrant. After obtaining a search warrant, an officer shall seize the dog and transfer the dog to the dog warden, who shall euthanize the dog within 10 days. It is imperative that all concerned dog owners in Ohio contact the elected representatives and express their vehement opposition to this draconian legislation. All concerned Ohio dog owners should contact their elected representatives and express their strong opposition to HB 568. To find your elected representatives, click here. Source: AKC Photo: nyklbrk

"I'll stand by you," a touching video about people who love pit bulls. Watch video You could also email Tyrone Yates : : & tell him what you think of his bill #568.


jan said...

This is as close to Nazi Germany as I can remember in our country. Police can search your house looking for your dog.

Ellie Finlay said...

A friend of mine has a wonderful pit bull who's the sweetest, gentlest dog I've ever known.

The dangerous ones are inappropriately bred - but more than that, horribly brought up. They are usually mistreated in order to make them aggressive. What REALLY ought to be banned is the abuse of these dogs.

Julie said...

To me, there are several disturbing things going on here:

#1 - the deliberate attempt to destroy a specific type of animal when there are already so many species disappearing that we are trying to save.

#2 - selecting a dog breed and targeting it as vicious or harmful. After pit bulls are done away with, what will be next? Rottweilers, dobermans, cane corsos, then what? Every breed that has EVER bitten someone?

#3 - a reflection on the old "guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people," to eliminate harmful dogs ... how about harmful sharp knives, hammers, baseball bats, scissors, heck, even a heavy cast iron frying pan could be a good weapon - let's eliminate all of these. Let the police come into our homes and search for them. Let's make society safe for everyone!