Monday, April 6, 2009

Positive feedback for

Hi. I couldn't find a place to submit my comment on so I found your blog which I enjoy and now follow! Anyway, I wanted to send you some positive feedback before my 2nd order! In January I was in search of some bulk rawhide retriever rolls for my 1 year old lab/shepard mix Ginger. She goes through them so fast and does not like the ones that are knotted (she never eats the second knot) or more challenging. Tired of price increase of rawhide even at Wal-Mart I went online. I found i-pets and when I found your irregulars on sale I was excited yet leery. I wasn't sure if your site was legit and wondered how you could afford to have them so cheap for 10 POUNDS when i was paying the same amount for just 8 to 10 single rolls at the store. I gave it a try and a few days later a big box came in the mail! a huge bag of retriever rolls was inside and Ginger immediately knew what they were! I gave her one and she quickly gobbled it up. It is a little over 2 months later and I just gave Ginger her last rawhide. She has had no issues and I did not notice any odd colors or staining or smells. The fact that the 10 pounds lasted me over two months and for the same price at the store it would only bought 3 weeks or less it was a great buy! I just wanted to comment because I know I was leery to order and would have enjoyed a personal reference. Thank you i-pets! I will be ordering from you every few months for as long as you keep offering such great deals and will pass on your information to all my family and friends with pets! Thanks for letting me share! Here is Ginger to say Thank you, too, Elizabeth Thank you, Elizabeth! We are always thrilled to hear from a happy customer. Your good reference is what keeps us in business! Instead of spending our profits on expensive, flashy, advertising, we just keep our prices as low as possible and our shipping at a flat $6.00. And Ginger, We're glad you liked your treats. Tell all your friends. Julie

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