Monday, April 6, 2009

Deer or condors - you pick

Chinese conservationists are in a fix over endangered condors eating large numbers of a protected species of deer in a reserve in the north of the country. More than 100 young spotted deer have been eaten by the condors so far this spring at the Luanhe River National Nature Reserve in Hebei province, near Beijing,becoming an "unanticipated" part of the food chain. Nationally, the condor is considered far more endangered than the deer. "The raptors are growing in number and threatening to catch larger animals, like elk, in the reserve," it quoted wildlife official Zhou Changhong as saying. The reserve only has 600 or so deer and just 10 elk, the report added. "An adult condor has a wingspan of more than two metres, and not even wardens can frighten it," Zhou said. Source

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