Monday, March 2, 2009

The Most Dangerous Bird on Earth

The rainforest of the northeastern coast of Australia is home to the Southern Cassowary and as the third largest bird on the planet it is strange that its reputation is not greater. Certainly, it is a remarkable looking animal, almost like something out of ‘Jurassic Park' with its large casque (a horn like crest which indicates age and dominance) positioned, dinosaur-like on its forehead. Estimates vary but it is thought that only around 1500 of this mysterious and ancient creature still survive in the wild. Considered dangerous because when the birds become frightened (they are naturally skittish) they can attack and do damage with their claws, one of which is almost five inches in length. Their inner toe in the medial position looks like a dagger. When panicked these birds have been known to kick - and sometimes kill - dogs and humans. Urban myths abound about the birds being able to disembowel a man with their claws. The last record human death by cassowary was in 1926. The claws however cannot do this - though they can leave a nasty puncture wound up to two centimeters in diameter. Source (via Webphemera)

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Pet Blogger said...

I would not like to be attacked by that. Would be good to see one though.