Sunday, November 2, 2008

Learn to improve your dog's behavior

Cesar Millan is highly respected for his unique insight into dog psychology and shows us how we can lead our dogs to behave and obey through our own confident energy, body language and positive reinforcement. In this Cesar Millan's Mastering Leadership series, Cesar gives you the tools to understand your dog's instincts, and how use them to develop and reward good behavior. The result is a healthier, more rewarding relationship for both of you. Volume #1: People Training for Dogs Cesar explains how your own calm assertiveness can have your dog willingly and happily respecting your command. He shares his persuasive and at times humorous insights on dog (and human) behavior. Volume #2: Becoming a Pack Leader Dogs don t relate to us as humans. They relate to us as dogs. By working directly with actual cases in home settings, Cesar illustrates the importance of becoming their dog's pack leader. Volume #3: Your New Dog: First Day and Beyond Many people choose a dog based on the breed. Cesar explains how the breed merely represents a set of skills, and that all dog behavior can be improved with proper energy and body language. At Cesar Millan | Be the Leader of the Pack, you can purchase the DVD series as part of a special offer which also includes The Illusion Collar and a Bonus DVD: The Essential Toolkit. SPECIAL OFFER: Special "blog only" coupon code that can be redeemed for $25 off the purchase of the DVD set during the next two-weeks. Place your order at: and use coupon code “25off”.

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