Saturday, November 1, 2008

McCain Leads Ohio's Litter Box 'Kitty Caucus'

To put it in a tasteful way, a vote in Ohio is determining which White House hopeful is the pick of the litter. The ballot boxes are cat litter boxes in the 2008 ''Kitty Caucus'' being conducted by the Capital Area Humane Society in Columbus and local radio station WBNS-FM, known as Mix 97.1. The presidential preferences of the animal shelter's feline residents are being determined by their ''votes'' dropped into a red box for Republican John McCain and a blue one for Democrat Barack Obama. The radio station's Web site calls the Kitty Caucus ''a political movement that really counts.'' Perhaps thankfully, the site doesn't go into detail about how the votes are being counted. But it says McCain was leading Thursday by a close 50 to 49.

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missbreezysbox said...

Cute way to take a poll. Cats are very smart. They know who the best man for the office would be. Mccain.