Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baylor Law Commencement Includes Juris 'Dog'tor' Degree

Skeeter Jones graduated from Baylor Law School but will never take the state bar exam or address a jury. He doesn’t seem to care, however, and is content with just being scratched behind the ears or playing with an empty, plastic Coke bottle. Skeeter, a playful service dog, received his honorary Juris “Dog”tor, making him the first nonhuman to be conferred a degree from the institution. Actually, Skeeter is a service dog, who assists Amy Jones. A skiing accident in 2002 left Jones a quadriplegic, and she uses a wheelchair. In 2004, Jones was paired with Skeeter, a black Labrador retriever, whom she describes as a “wonderful help.” Source: Baylor University (via Legal Blog Watch) Thanks, Leslie!

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jan said...

That's great. I'll bet Skeeter would never take on a frivolous law suit.