Monday, November 24, 2008

Cesar Millan Seminar in Atlanta

Cesar Millan's only 2008 seminar, will take place in Atlanta, GA. on Saturday, December 6th, at 2 PM. The Seminar will be held at John A. Williams Theatre at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre Premium tickets, which include a Meet-and-Greet with Cesar after the show, will be on sale for $250. Regular tickets range from $150 - $25, depending on how far they are from the stage. The star of the Emmy-nominated hit series Dog Whisperer brings his magic and wisdom about dogs and dog psychology to this unique live special event. Fans of the show and dog lovers alike will be immersed in Cesar's world for three compelling hours, as the best-selling author of Cesar's Way reveals his secrets to happier, healthier relationships between humans and their canine companions. Details for Cesar's only 2008 Seminar

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CJ Anderso said...

I was one of those who thought that I didnt need to go the seminar because I was a fan of Cesar's way having saved so many rescue dogs about to be euthanized and rehoming them, having the books, DVDs, and the many places on the web where you can find Cesar's solutions for free.

Even having the first leadership DVd talking about energy and dogs I thought more then enough to not need to go to the seminar - which is many hours long!

A friend convineced me to go. I was quite shocked by how much deeper I had insights which I knew would help me when I return home.

One of the most impactful outcomes, was having all my rescues (then and since) became "leashless treadmill dogs" as soon as I returned home. There is also a movie showing ten other examples of how my dogs have benefited from Cesar's way on my site.

So I can state absolutly that for those who will go with an open mind to take in what si said and look for ways to apply those teachings, that the time money and effort to particpate in this wonderful event will more then pay back on many levels!