Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Video: Purina Incredible Dog Challenge

On October 4th, canine athletes had the opportunity to make their mark in a variety of Olympic style events to ultimately earn the title of national champion! The events included agility, flying disc, Jack Russell hurdle races, head-to-head 60-weave pole and the crowd favorite dog diving. United States Olympic Diver, Laura Wilkinson was also on-site to experience dog diving up-close-and-personal. 2008 marks the 11th year of the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, which continues to showcase Purina's commitment to and passion for pets. Watch video

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Borzio said...

Love the video
I saw that a stand alone North American version of Dogs Trust will be developed next year according to and Mrs Barrack Obama has been asked to be the Patron.

Dogs trust in the UK has HRH the Queen as patron and has a history going back 100 years.
Not sure how advanced they are but I do like the idea of The White House Palace connection as it would send out the message to children re animal welfare.