Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our new family member

Our previous puppy, Hershey - adopted through a rescue agency whom we won't name here - became extremely ill and died from canine distemper just three weeks after our family adopted her. It was a heart breaking (and financially expensive) experience. But we never lost the desire to rescue another puppy, and visited Animal Welfare in Chicago Ridge, IL on an almost weekly basis. One lucky day, we met Dixie ... Dixie had been adopted from Animal Welfare, received all her puppy shots and had been spayed. Unfortunately, her adoptive family had lost their home and couldn't keep her in the apartment they were moving to. We adopted Dixie on the same day she had been returned to the shelter. Dixie is a wonderful, sweet, loving little girl. She's already a valued and adored member of our family. Dixie is one lucky dog - she gets all the USA rawhide bones she can possibly chew. One of the perks of being the family business! We think Dixie looks like she's a Rottweiler, shepherd mix - anyone have any other suggestions? Photos by Julie Corsi


Chantel said...

Aww she is absolutely adorable! Congrats :-)

Lotsa hugs from me & my Bella (my corgi)

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

ooo she's adorable! Thanks for adopting from a shelter ... I'm sure Dixie thanks you. Yes, I would go with a shepherd mix. There are a lot of Black and Tan mixes though so I wouldn't rule out other mixes ... her facial structure doesn't look like rotti ... more like a dob. You'll be able to conclude a bit more as she develops.

SOHO Studios said...

Hi there! We have the same breed ... and after much searching I discovered they are apparently German Hunt Terrier variants. See for more information. That also explains why they are often confused with Shepherd dogs. Ours were also adopted from Animal Welfare's "death row"... Beautiful dogs ... very bright ... and loving ;-)

Julie said...

Thanks, all, especially ejhill. I'm amazed at how much Dixie looks like a Jagdterrier. Thrilled to find this out!

Manuela Berger said...

hi, just saw your picture of Dixie and we were wondering what she looks like now and if you could figure out what she is mixed with.
we have puppy and she looks exactly like her.
our vet says she is a shepherd shepherd mix, meaning she can hardly see ant other breed.
thank you for your help and hope to hear from you.
hope Dixie is well.
Brian and Ella and Cleo and Fudu and Nairobi

Creynolds said...

My brother has a 8 week old puppy who looks exactly like ur puppy. He got her from his sons grandparents who have an Australian shepherd. She got pregnant by a Rottweiler. Ur puppy and my brothers look identical. Hope this helps.