Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Odd, Odd Octopus

There can't be too many creatures more odd or more fascinating than the octopus. Mental Floss has a very interesting post about this unusual creature, written by the always very knowledgeable Miss Cellania.

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Anonymous said...

Octopus are cephalopods with 8 arms. They have no fins.Octopus inhabit seagrass beds in bays and coastal waters as well as coastal reefs.All octopus have a short life cycle in which each female produces 1 egg mass and dies soon after the eggs have hatched. They are solitary animals and are often very active during daylight. They live for approx. 18 months.Octopus appeared approx. 500 million years ago.By day, when hungry fishes prowl, an octopus hides in its den: under rocks, in holes or empty shells or shallow depressions on the seafloor.

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