Monday, October 1, 2012

Guest Post: Tips for pet care

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Pets are important members of the family. They require care in order to be happy and healthy.  If you are a new and proud owner of a cat or a dog, you ought to read the article. Following these tips will ensure that your pet will live a very happy life.

Drink and Food
You need to ensure that your pet is given fresh water every day. Do not feed cat food to dogs or dog food to cats. Feeding the pet twice a day is optimal for its health.  Younger kittens and puppies should be fed three or four times a day.

 Medical help
Providing your pet with a natural supplement daily will do wonders to boost its immune system. Supplements can help your pet to resist minor diseases.  Keep ticks and fleas away by using a natural health solution.

Ideally, dogs need exercise twice a day.  If you can’t provide exercise twice a day, make sure you allow it to exercise at least once in the evening.  If you have a secured backyard, allow your pet to play in it. You can get your daily dose of exercise by playing with your dog.  Cats, too, need frequent play to keep them healthy and active.

 If you think your cat or dog is getting fat, cut down its food. If you notice a lack of appetite, call your veterinarian. You can also get online vet help.

These are some of the basic things essential for ensuring that your pet remains fit and healthy. 


Deepak said...

it will be better for you to find a veterinarian that specializes in small animals. for that you can ask your local pet store or breeder.
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Liu Yang (vania) said...

Hi~Julie, Im very exciting that i can find someone really care about pets,and i think the readers who come to visit you blog are also care about pets or they have a pets.
form your blogs i get more information about how to take care of my dogs,before i was given food for my dog, i just leave the food in pet bowl for all the time,after i read your bolg ,that why he is getting fat so fast :) now i change to give him food 3 times aday. i think is better for him.
please keep post more article about how to take care of pet,is very useful.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this post. This would be very helpful. I just got a dog as a pet and I'm totally clueless as to how I can take good care of it. I will definitely include this with the tips I got from Again, thank you.

Unknown said...

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