Sunday, June 10, 2012

Book Review: Dog Days

In Elsa Watson's DOG DAYS, struggling café owner Jessica Sheldon volunteered to be the chairperson of Woofinstock, Madrona’s annual dog festival, to overcome her reputation as “number one dog hater” in her dog crazy Northwestern town. Determined to prove her dog-loving credentials, Jessica rescues Zoe, a stray white German shepherd— and in the process the two are struck by lightning.

Jessica wakes to discover paws where her feet should be, and watches in horror as her body staggers around the town square…. Zoe and Jessica have switched bodies. Learning to live as a dog is difficult enough, but Jessica’s real worry is saving her café from financial ruin. To complicate matters, she’s falling hard for Max, the town veterinarian.

I totally LOVED this book. It's well written, interesting, and perfect light summer-weather reading. DOG DAYS has many great passages written from Zoe's point of view which gave me some insight as to what really is going on in dog's heads, and passages from Jessica's point of view - in a dog's body -  starting to understand and love dogs.

Highly recommended to anyone looking to escape from reality for a few hours.

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Julie said...

Thanks, Carole. I'm always looking for good books to read.

Carole said...

Super that you linked this in. Have a great week.