Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cat survives 19 days with peanut butter jar on head

For the past three years, Tabitha Cain has fed the six feral cats that roam near her family's Bartlett, TN home. Only Wild Oats refused to be touched. That wasn't a problem until she showed up Nov. 10 with a peanut butter jar stuck on her head. The cat eluded capture for more than a week. Finally, dehydrated and exhausted, the once chubby cat was now too thin and too weak to escape. With fishing net in hand, they finally caught her. They used oil to remove her head from the jar, gave her water, treated her wounds and confined her in a cage. (via)

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Jan said...

I shouldn't laugh at this story, but it does show that cats aren't as independent as they think they are.