Friday, July 13, 2007

Adopt a Husky, Inc.

Adopt A Husky, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to finding new homes for stray, abused, abandoned, or otherwise homeless Siberian Huskies. Evolving from a small group of caring individuals in September of 1998, the organization has expanded to include Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri and the Pacific Northwest, placing more than 1,000 Siberian Huskies in loving and permanent homes. Every dog that enters the rescue is spayed/neutered, receives all vaccinations, is microchipped for identification, tested negative for heartworm, and provided with heartworm preventative during the season. Adopt a Husky, Inc. has never refused to accept any dog based on the expense required to bring him back to health. The most costly medical expenses come from car crash victims (broken legs, jaws, pelvises, hips), pregnant mothers, heartworm positive cases, abuse cases (such as one dog set on fire), and puppy-mill shutdowns with severely malnourished, sickly dogs. They average over 75 dogs in foster care at any given time with a continual waiting list. Their foster homes provide the food, toys, treats, and most importantly, the love that these dogs so desperately need. They have no paid employees and exist entirely on private and corporate donations.

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Matt said...

Huskies are great dogs and aren't as scary as they look since they have the appearance of a wolf sometimes.