Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wheelchairs keep disabled pets moving

When Gary Mikus learned that an incurable nerve disease was starting to paralyze the hind legs of his German shepherd, he immediately dismissed the idea of putting the dog to sleep. Then he spotted an ad in a pet food store: "Eddie's Wheels For Pets. Help for Handicapped Pets." Now the dog named Bear, which has been Mikus' constant companion for a decade, has a lot of living left to do — much of it in his new pet wheelchair. "He's healthy in every other way," Mikus said. "Until something tells me otherwise that he's failing, I'll do everything I can to keep him mobile and happy." A growing number of pet owners are turning to custom-built wheelchairs to restore mobility to furry friends whose legs, hips or backs don't work. The owners' goals are simple: to reward their pets' unconditional love with whatever it takes for the animals to live normally. Source: Yahoo News


Unknown said...

I am thrilled to find another blog posting on this topic. I feel it's very inspiring - I recently did a post similar this type of "special" love myself and hope you don't mind me sharing it for you to read:


Thank you for your lovely little post.

Julie said...

Thanks for the link to your great posting, WolfGirl. You selected excellent examples of animals overcoming adversities.