Friday, March 14, 2008

Attention, cat haters

There's money to be made in Randolph, Iowa, which is offering a $5 bounty for each feral feline turned in. Mayor Vance Trively says that the southwest Iowa town of 200 people is being overrun by dozens of feral cats and needed to do something. "You can't just let them keep multiplying in town," Trively said. Town officials approved the bounty after receiving numerous complaints, ranging from a cat attacking a small dog to a dozen cats showing up at the bowl when a resident tried to feed his own cat. Under the new policy, stray cats without collars will be taken to a veterinarian in the nearby town of Sidney - Randolph has no vet clinic - where they'll be kept "for a time for people to claim them," the mayor said. If no one does, they'll be euthanized and buried.

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