Friday, March 7, 2008

Did you guess?

Did you guess what this is a picture of? They are one-week old Short Tailed Opossum babies. Unlike many marsupials, the Short Tailed Opossum does not have a pouch. They have a unique adaptation in caring for their young. New born babies will latch on to a nipple on their mother's stomach which then enlarges and holds the babies securely in place. Here they are again, about 3 weeks later: There's a lot more very interesting information about Short Tailed Opossums at Animal-World. And now, a little more grown up. Photo 1: Short Tailed Opossums Photo 2 & 3: arachnoboards


Britni said...

the first picture of the baby opposumes was discusting it almost made me throw up

chloe said...

Yeah, the first picture was pretty gross. :P

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