Monday, March 3, 2008

Ellen would eat this

She hasn't tasted it yet, but Ellen says her new dog food is suitable for human consumption. "Ours is all human grade. It's all natural. And yes, you can eat it. People love their animals so much so that they put little clothes on them and necklaces and booties and things like that. And if you love your animal, then you should feed them something that's not dangerous for them. There's a lot of poisonous stuff that they’re putting in a lot of that food, those by-products." Ellen DeGeneres has become an owner of the twenty-year old all-natural pet care company, Halo, Purely For Pets®. Pegasus Capital Advisors, a private equity fund manager with offices in New York and Cos Cob, CT, holds majority ownership in Halo, Purely for Pets. Source: Parade

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